User Stories

Liquidity Provider calls send-funds from the supplier-interface contract and updates the amount of xBTC available to send. Send Bitcoin to the supplier bitcoin public key. Complete transaction of xBTC to the pool by sending xBTC from the bridge to the pool contract.

Liquidity provider calls the supplier-interface contract like in User Story #1 with the number of cycles parameter.

Liquidity provider calls the pool-v1-0 contract to trigger a cooldown. Must wait for the withdrawal-cooldown-period set in the Globals contract to pass to start the withdrawal.

At any time, the LP can call the pool-v1-0 contract to withdraw their share of the earned BTC rewards. The amount of earned rewards are accounted by the LP-token amount that is in their accounts. The xBTC is sent to the Magic Bridge contract so that the BTC can be sent to the provided address.

At any time, the LP can call the pool-v1-0 contract with the rewards-calc to mint new Zest tokens depending on the amount of cycles set when liquidity is provided.

Off-chain, the borrower completes a request to get onboarded and then, once approved, added to the map of borrowers in the loan-v1-0 contract.
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1. Liquidity provider, provides Bitcoin to Zest Pool
2. Liquidity provider, selects for how long to provide liquidity
3. Liquidity provider, triggers cooldown period to withdraw funds sent
4. Liquidity provider, withdraws earned BTC rewards
5. Liquidity provider, withdraws earned Zest rewards
6. Borrower, can request to get onboarded