⚙️ Testnet

Zest Protocol is ready to test on the Stacks public testnet. The wizards will be active in discord, pushing updates, and trying to help other front-ends throughout the testnet process.
Quick resources are listed here. More detailed FAQs below.
Testnet instructions: Testnet setup instructions
Testnet code: Repo
Testnet explorer contracts: Deployer Address


What are the testnet goals?

  • Demo to show off how Zest Protocol works
  • Find bugs in the UI and back-end that might hinder users from interacting with the protocol
  • Get users comfortable with the Hiro wallet + Bitcoin wallet setup for using Zest Protocol
  • Inspire developers to build cool things like Zest Protocol

What I do on testnet?

  • Add BTC to a Bitcoin pool
  • Withdraw BTC from a Bitcoin pool
  • Claim BTC rewards
  • Add xBTC funds to pool cover
  • View your transaction history
  • If you're a prospective borrower, contact us here to test borrowing BTC
  • If you're a prospective pool delegate, contact us here to test managing a pool

Are there rewards for participating in testnet?

A unique BNS domain name.

I'm stuck, how do I get help?

Ask for help in Discord:

I've found a bug now what?

Ask for help in Discord: