How to become a pool delegate?

Once whitelisted, Pool Delegates complete a profile to be published alongside their lending pool. This profile will include their background and their strategy for the pool.
Next, the pool delegate will establish a lending pool on-chain. They will set the fee charged to lending pool for management, including the amount which will go to liquidity providers to the pool cover.
Pool delegates will be required to post capital to their managed lending pool to serve as first-loss capital to the pool and align interests with the pool’s liquidity providers. If the pool delegate is launching a pool that solely contains their own capital, the pool delegate isn't required to post any first-loss capital.

Interested in becoming a pool delegate?

All pool delegates on Zest must be whitelisted prior to establishing a lending pool. Pool delegates are funds and industry professionals with credit experience. If you'd like to explore becoming a pool delegate, please connect with the Zest team.
For the Zest Protocol launch, we're seeking to partner with a very limited number of pool delegates. We believe that Zest Protocol will benefit from a careful roll-out in the long run. This strategy includes working closely with limited delegates as we scale up.